ArcelorMittal Tubarão opens application for Internship Program 4.0 2023

ArcelorMittal Tubarão has excellent news for local university or technical course students. The company will open on October 6, next Thursday, the Internship Program 4.0. Registrations for the 150 vacancies can be made at the link by October 31.


The applicants must be residents of Vitoria Metropolitan Area. The technical course students must be attending the evening shift and completed at least the first period of the course in 2022, or have finished the whole course, but keeping a connection with the institution to be able to take part in the internship program. University students must conclude their studies between December 2023 and December 2024, in any shift, of the courses listed herein.


The grants will be of R$ 935.42 for technical course students (6 hours/day workload) and of R$ 1,003.95 for university students (4 hours/day workload), plus company transportation, food and uniform.


The selection of interns will take place through an application screening process, online test (Portuguese Language, Logical Reasoning/Math and General Knowledge), online group dynamics and medical exams.


“This is a great opportunity for the youth to transform their own history, learning and growing professionally in a company considered a world leader in steel production, which has a Diversity & Inclusion policy, offers a development path (an opportunity to learn new concepts, technologies and methodologies) and acknowledgment for the development of projects at the end of the term. The interns will also be able to develop improvement projects in the areas where they are working, putting together theory and practice in the company”, states Juliana Oliveira Almeida, People Manager: Attraction, Career and Culture.


She added that, as a company that values plurality in their teams, ArcelorMittal Tubarão encourages women, people with disabilities, different races, sexual orientations and gender identities to apply for the vacancies.


The vacancies for University level interns will be allocated for the following courses:  

· Business Administration

· Computer Science

· Biological Sciences

· Accounting Sciences

· Foreign Trade

· Law

· Economics

· Nursing

· Civil Engineering

· Environmental Engineering

· Control and Automation Engineering

· Computer Engineering

· Production Engineering

· Electrical Engineering

· Metallurgical Engineering

· Chemical Engineering

· Physical Therapy

· Speech Therapy

· Journalism

· Marketing

· Nutrition

· Psychology

· Advertising

· Chemistry - graduation

· International Relations

· Information Systems

· Social Work


The vacancies for technical level interns will be allocated for the following courses:

·      Business Administration Technician

·      Industrial Automation Technician

·      Accounting Technician

·      Refrigeration Technician

·      Building Technician

·      Electrotechnical Technician

·      Chemistry Technician

·      Nursing Technician

·      Information Technician

·      Logistics Technician

·      Railway Electromechanical Maintenance Technician

·      Mechanical Technician

·      Environmental Technician

·      Metallurgical Technician

·      Port Technician

·      Occupational Safety Technician


Pre-work Test Content:

1.    Portuguese Language: Graphic Accents, Word Class, Text Coherence, Verbal and Nominal Agreement, Word Inflection, Figures of Speech, Homonyms and Paronyms, Orthography, Plural, Pronouns, Synonyms and Antonyms.

2.    Logical Reasoning / Mathematic: Numbers: natural, fractions, decimals, whole, rational, real, percentage, rule of three, division, subtraction, multiplication, addition, problems involving the four operations; Rule of three simple and composed, percentage, first degree equation, weight and measures system, discounts, interests, legal measure systems, logical reasoning.

3.    General Knowledge: National and international facts and news; Social Responsibility; Environment and Citizenship; Brazilian History and Geography; Brazilian Political Elements; Culture.