Organizational Structure

  • Aditya Mittal

    CEO ArcelorMittal

    Aditya Mittal

  • Planos

  • Jorge Oliveira

    CEO ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon

    Jorge Oliveira

  • Erick Torres Bispo dos Santos

    VP Industrial Operations

    Erick Torres Bispo dos Santos

  • Eduardo Zanotti

    VP Commercial

    Eduardo Zanotti

  • Paulo Wanick

    CFO – Finance

    Paulo Wanick

  • ArcelorMittal Brasil

  • Jefferson De Paula


    Jefferson De Paula

  • Jorge Oliveira

    Vice President

    Jorge Oliveira

  • Alexandre Barcelos

    VP Corporate Finance

    Alexandre Barcelos

  • Marina Guimarães Soares

    Head of Legal, Institutional Relations and Sustainability & Compliance Officer

    Marina Guimarães Soares

  • Raquel Pitella Cançado

    Chief Procurement Officer

    Raquel Pitella Cançado

  • Longos

  • Jefferson De Paula

    CEO ArcelorMittal Long
    Carbon LATAM and Brazil Mining

    Jefferson De Paula

  • Waldenir Lima

    VP Operations ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Brazil

    Waldenir Lima

  • Marcelo Marino

    VP Commercial and Metal Long Carbon Brazil

    Marcelo Marino

  • Fábio Paiva

    CFO – Head of Finance and Governance, Risks & Compliance, Long Carbon LATAM and Brazil Mining

    Fábio Paiva Scárdua

  • Paula Maria Harraca

    Head of People, Communications, Social Investment and Innovation, Long Carbon LATAM and Brazil Mining

    Paula Maria Harraca

  • Wagner Barbosa

    Head of BioFlorestas and Mining Brazil

    Wagner Barbosa

  • Paulo Salomão

    Head of Technology, Automation, IT, Engineering and Projects, Long Carbon LATAM and Brazil Mining

    Paulo Salomão

  • Sofia Camisasca

    Director of People, Health and Welfare

    Sofia Camisasca

  • Ricardo Garcia

    CEO BBA and BMB

    Ricardo Garcia