The corporate education offered and the learning paths provide ArcelorMittal Brazil's employees with various opportunities for personal and professional growth, always in line with its business strategy and the organization's culture, values and principles.

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At ArcelorMittal, careers are built based on results and development plans.

Performance evaluation systems are tools used to monitor and measure the evolution of professionals according to the challenges and professional categories they belong to.

For higher education professionals, the ArcelorMittal Group uses the GEDP, Global Employee Development Program. Evaluating performance and potential, this program connects the strategic guidelines of the business with the areas and their professionals, providing optimization of results, continuous improvement of individuals, meritocracy and good management practices.

The company also has a solid succession planning process to ensure business continuity, by mapping positions and key professionals who are capable of taking on challenges and continually developing themselves for new career opportunities.

ArcelorMittal’s Competence Framework defines the key knowledge, skills and attitudes that our professionals need in order to succeed when facing business challenges. The framework is used to guide employees in their search for specialist knowledge and to evaluate performance more effectively. It is also part of a structured process to identify potentialities and gaps in terms of skills, and to guide the creation of development plans, promote individual skills and successful performance. We have 10 competencies:

ArcelorMittal is concerned with the quality of the work environment and constantly seeks to monitor and improve its internal practices and policies. Thus, the company encourages its employees to participate in Climate surveys and focus groups that discuss the subject, and establish an open dialogue to raise improvement proposals and suggestions. Ideas are transformed into action plans and monitored throughout the year.

Based on internal diagnostics, ArcelorMittal has created an Employee Value Proposition (EmVP), with the promise MAKE YOUR WORLD.

The initiative enhances the ability to attract, retain and value professionals, encompassing a set of benefits and opportunities, and also strengthening the sense of pride and belonging to the company.

The concept of the promise MAKE YOUR WORLD is based on four key messages:

Fabric of life: satisfaction of doing work that all people and communities depend on, now and in the future, through Steel.

Driven by excellence: refers to the development opportunities and other benefits involved in working for a market-leading industry.

Run with it: greater autonomy in daily work and greater vision of the future in the long term.

Shoulder to shoulder: satisfaction to work with qualified professionals who know how to work as a team.