Supported Actions

ArcelorMittal Vega contributes to the implementation of social projects that seek to develop social well-being, aiming at improving society and prioritizing investments in the city of São Francisco do Sul.

To make the project evaluation process even more dynamic, the requester’s portal was created to centralize the communication channel between stakeholders and the company, thus optimizing the demand/project analysis process.

  • Construction of health care units

    Jointly with the City Administration, the company has already invested and monitored the construction of six units of the Family Health Strategy (ESF), the 24-hour Emergency Care Unit (UPA) and the Nossa Senhora das Graças Municipal Hospital. These structures provide improvements in health care for citizens and tourists in São Francisco do Sul. As they include three different types of public health service, the city now has an efficient system with a wide coverage.

  • National Museum of the Sea

    In São Francisco do Sul, the company is a partner of the National Museum of the Sea in educational projects. Through music, theatre plays and storytelling, the Theatrical Sketches program outstands, seeking to engage visitors in the legends of the sea and stories on the museum's collection.

    In addition to investing in this cultural project, ArcelorMittal Vega supported the restoration of the Museum's collection and the making of its Official Catalogue, in partnership with the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan).

  • Young Firefighters Program of São Francisco do Sul

    Created by the São Francisco do Sul Volunteer Fire Brigade, Brazil's first Young Firefighter Program serves more than 150 children and adolescents aged 10 to 15 years. Young people learn basic notions of citizenship and about the corporation's procedures. The program is supported by ArcelorMittal Vega since 2017.

  • 'Navigating in the Island of KnowledgeH Program

    The initiative developed at the Franklin de Oliveira Municipal School began as an option for children aged 7 to 14 and aims to offer recreational activities involving the transformation of recyclable materials into crafts. In 2017, the project participated in the School Contest held by ArcelorMittal Vega, which awards environment- and sustainability-related initiatives, and drew the company's attention. Since then, Vega started to donate steel sheets on which the students can develop paintings that portray the daily life and the imaginary of the community. The production of drawings on steel today is printed on one of the buses that transports employees who live in the community.

  • 'Teamar’ Project

    Sponsored by ArcelorMittal Vega since 2012, Teamar is dedicated to people who live in situation of vulnerability and low income, preferably served by the Secretariat of Social Development and Citizenship of São Francisco do Sul. The project aims to promote training in the manual weaving technique in order to professionalize and enable generation of income, thus improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries. The project is developed and coordinated by Teamar Institute.

  • 'Rede ao Mar’ Project

    Promoted by the 'Rede ao Mar’ Association, through Pepe Efata (Support Project for the Development of the Child within the Family in the Community), the 'Rede ao Mar’ Project offers ludic activities after or before classes for children aged 4 to 6 who study in municipal schools and whose parents work. The social project began in 2015 and, since 2017, receives ArcelorMittal Vega’s support.

  • Women's Network to Fight Cancer

    In partnership with the São Francisco do Sul Women’s Network to Fight Cancer, Vega contributes to improve the structure and ensure an effective care for the entity's patients. The actions already taken include: donation of equipment, support for maintenance, updating of the operation system.

History of Social Actions and Projects

  • Partnership with the São Francisco do Sul Volunteer Firefighters for the purchase of fire fighting vehicles (2014 and 2016);
  • Construction of CMEI Estrelinha do Amanhã (2012/2013);
  • Donation of equipment to Nossa Senhora das Graças Hospital (2012);
  • Support to the Family Health Strategy program in São Francisco do Sul, with the construction of service units (until 2012);
  • Somar Program, promoting the professional development of people with disabilities (2010 to 2012);
  • Construction of the Shelter Home, focusing on the care of vulnerable children (2010 and 2011);
  • Donation of an ambulance to the Secretariat of Health (2009);
  • Renovation and expansion of CMEI Frei Martinho (2008);
  • Construction of CMEI Sonho Feliz (2006);
  • Curumim School Home, provides early childhood education for needy families (2006 to 2011);
  • Adopt a school, partnership with the Government of Santa Catarina state (2006 to 2010);
  • Agenda 21 of São Francisco do Sul – São Francisco of the Future Association (2006 to 2010);
  • Colors and Flavors of São Francisco do Sul, with distribution of seedlings to the community (2005 to 2011);
  • São Francisco in Cinema (2005 to 2010);
  • Education and Employability Program, with technical training for the community in the area of services (2005 to 2010);
  • 'Getting to Know São Francisco do Sul’ project, maps the socioeconomic and health situation of the city in order to create a database (2005 and 2006);
  • Renovation and expansion of Enseada Emergency Care (2005);
  • 'Protecting the Coasts’ Project, with the donation of equipment to the Mariculturists Association (2004 to 2006);
  • Renovation of Cine Theatre X de Novembro, in São Francisco do Sul (2004);
  • Partnership with Casa Familiar do Mar, for the inclusion of youngsters (2003 to 2013);
  • Donation of two Mobile ICUs to the Secretariat of Health (2003 and 2011);
  • Partnership with Guarani Band, for the inclusion of youngsters (2003 to 2009);
  • Art exhibit “São Francisco do Sul Cultural Scenario – Honfleur” (2003 and 2004);
  • Environmental training for teachers (2002 to 2006);
  • Implementation of PRNH - Private Reserve of Natural Heritage (2002);
  • Electromechanical vocational course (2001).