Protection Area

The protection of biodiversity and ecosystems are actions that encompass ArcelorMittal Brazil’s environmental management.

The Long Carbon units that maintain protected and preserved areas in the typical Atlantic Forest biome, where relevant species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and vegetation are found, are listed below:

  • Barra Mansa (RJ) – Marginal Protection Zone of Bananal River, occupying 15 ha and Marginal Protection Zone of Paraíba do Sul River, with 4.2 ha.
  • Monlevade (MG) – 518 ha of Private Reserve of Natural Heritage (PRNH) of Atlantic Forest with transition to Cerrado.
  • Resende (RJ) – 84.88 ha of Legal Reserve Area and 91.92 ha of Marginal Protection Zone.
  • Sabará (MG) – 22.11 ha of Legal Reserve.
  • Juiz de Fora – 332.77 ha of Permanent Preservation Area.