Health Management

Respect for life and people are key issues to structure ArcelorMittal’s values and they are disseminated across all units of the Group.

As ArcelorMittal Vega recognizes people as its most valuable asset, the company consistently and continuously promotes Quality of Life among its employees, providing a healthy work environment that raises awareness of self-management and health promotion.

One of the main programs for Health Management is the Pro-Life, which provides regular monitoring of the main risk factors for human health, offering complete and detailed exams so that employees are assisted according to their needs.

This initiative has contributed to the constant improvement of the health profile of all ArcelorMittal Vega employees and was key for the company to become Zero Tobacco.

Among the health-related actions, the following stand out:

  • Periodic Medical Examinations;
  • Special Medical Monitoring Group;
  • Obesity Combat Program;
  • Tetanus prevention;
  • Flu Vaccination;
  • Occupational Health Control for contractors’ employees;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Hypertension Control;
  • Anti-smoking.