Metal Scrap

The largest steel producer on the planet is also one of the global leaders in scrap metal recycling.

Guided by a philosophy of producing safe and sustainable steel solutions, ArcelorMittal is the leading supplier of quality steel products for all major markets, including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging.

Based on its values of sustainability, quality and leadership, ArcelorMittal is committed to a sustainable environmental management. The company recycles scrap metal, transforming it into new products, ready to be used in your daily life. Steel can be totally reused and infinitely recycled without losing its characteristics, thus saving natural resources, reducing air pollution, and creating opportunities for thousands of workers and companies.

From collection to destination of material, we take care of all stages of ferrous scrap recycling.

At your disposal, the most complete scrap collection and recycling structure:

  • Guarantee of correct destination, including the destruction of (strategic) assets of the automotive industry, navy and aviation;
  • Dump containers – customised operation;
  • Extensive network of scrap collection and recycling in different parts of Brazil. Issuance of the Certificate of Destruction;
  • On-site operational assistance;
  • Reverse logistics;
  • Trained professionals;
  • Fleet of tracked and specially adapted vehicles;
  • Electronic anti-fraud weighbridge;
  • High definition security cameras system to record videos and photos of the entire unloading process, thus reinforcing the quality of our collection and tracking services.

Recicar – Scrap Car Recycling

Vehicle decontamination unit

ArcelorMittal has specialized team and equipment to carry out decontamination, disposal, crushing and collection of vehicles with agility and full control of processes.

  • Team

    Trained professionals specialising in the handling of materials and process management.

  • Decontamination

    Removal of all contaminating non-ferrous elements (fluids, batteries, tires, etc.).

  • Disposal

    Proper disposal, with monitoring and certification, of contaminating items in partnership with companies specialized in each product.

  • Crushing

    Mobile equipment that crush vehicles on site, totally destroying the characteristics of the unit and preventing the improper trading of parts or accessories.

  • Logistics

    Agility in the yard cleaning process.

  • Destination

    Destination of scrap: full guarantee that the ferrous materials removed will be used as raw material in our production process (transformed into steel that will be used in the manufacture of vehicles, stoves, refrigerators, etc.), a responsibility that can only be taken on by an ArcelorMittal plant.

Our guarantee

As end-consumers of scrap metal, we guarantee the correct use of the material.

Aço, Infinitamente Reciclável
Aço, Infinitamente Reciclável


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