Health and Safety

Safe, healthy, quality working lives for our people

Keeping and strengthening a safe, healthy and quality work environment is a core value for ArcelorMittal Brazil. This principle is in line with the first of the 10 Sustainable Development Outcomes of the ArcelorMittal Group, which approaches management and continuous improvement through innovation and use of best practices.

In Brazil, as in the world, the goals include: Zero Accident; continuous improvement of work environments and processes; monitoring, eliminating and controlling risks; occupational disease prevention; monitoring worker’s health; encouraging the pursuit of quality of life; and achievement of improved Health and Safety indicators for own employees and contractors.

The objectives of the Health & Safety Management master plan include:

  • Consolidating corporate governance on the topic (guidelines, committees, initiatives, processes, follow-up, best practices, among others);
  • Consolidating a visible and perceived health and safety leadership;
  • Reducing significance of risks;
  • Ensuring compliance with the global Fatality Prevention standards (FPS) of the ArcelorMittal Group;
  • Continuously improving health and safety management tools;
  • Promoting synergies and benchmarking between the units of the different business segments (Long Carbon, Flat Carbon, BioFlorestas and Mining);
  • Reducing the number of incidents in order to achieve Zero Accident;
  • Reporting and eliminating deviations that may lead to accidents or occupational diseases;
  • Reducing absenteeism.

All ArcelorMittal Brazil units are certified to the international standard OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety and Health). 100% of the employees are represented by the Internal Commissions for Accident Prevention (CIPA and Cipamin). The company also keeps international committees to monitor indicators and strategic actions implemented in order to ensure compliance with legal aspects, and internal and corporate standards.

ArcelorMittal Brazil's Health and Safety management includes topics defined in collective bargaining agreements or conventions, thus demonstrating the alignment of employees with the theme. The right to refuse unsafe work is among those topics.