Attraction and Selection

Creating smarter steels for a better world, that is our purpose.

In order to secure our purpose, we are looking for professionals who want to impact the world with innovative ideas, boldness and creativity. For us, people who think differently create innovative solutions and more creative responses to challenges. Thus, we value diversity as a source of new perspectives for business and we promote an inclusive work environment, in which everyone has the same human and professional development opportunities.

In order to keep this healthy and stimulating environment, which reveals the employees' originality and talent, ArcelorMittal adopts a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Policy. In 2019, with the creation of the D&I Committee, the company started to effectively design a program that supports the definition of a strategy, the setting of metrics and KPIs, as well as the review of policies, tactical plan and measurement. Four affinity groups were created, being led by employees who assist in the creation and implementation of more inclusive practices, comprehending: Gender equality, LGBTI+, Races and People with Disabilities.

"In my opinion, launching the D&I Program was a historic event for the company. After all, we are talking about a base industry, whose environment is known for being extremely conservative and needing changes in this regard. They have finally come! And today, these changes have become another reason to be proud of, for being in an organization that welcomes and understands that differences make us even better people. The challenges are countless, but the truth is that the simple fact that we are talking openly about subjects that until recently were taboo, is a huge advance for the steel industry as a whole. At ArcelorMittal, our tone is light, optimistic and joyful: we are creating a chain of good, where everyone is welcome"
Pedro Borges – Leader of the LGBTI+ Group

Pedro Borges

Our way of being and doing things is based on INITIATIVE. All employees get engaged, SHOULDER TO SHOULDER, working together effectively. Teams are DRIVEN BY EXCELLENCE, constantly seeking improvements and innovation in processes and products. After all, steel is everywhere! Here, everyone's work is part of the FABRIC OF LIFE, positively impacting people and surrounding communities. Come make your world at ArcelorMittal! Join our team.

Attraction and Selection - Make your World

The #EstágioDeAço it is one of the main initiatives to attract students who want to work at ArcelorMittal Brazil. The internship program aims to provide opportunities for students so they can put their academic knowledge into practice, develop their ideas and learn, always under the supervision of excellent professionals who work in the organization. Focusing on students' professional development, we offer:
- Technical and behavioural training;
- Development of multidisciplinary projects;
- Performance assessment, followed by feedbacks to support individual development.

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Learning Programs

The company also carries out other attraction strategies, such as the Young Apprentice Program and the Gateway Program, initiatives developed in partnership with SENAI to train young apprentices for the job market. For more information, go to the nearest SENAI unit.