ArcelorMittal Vega

The ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System (SGA), guides all actions taken by ArcelorMittal Vega and is in line with the 10 sustainable development outcomes of the ArcelorMittal Group.

The company delivers more than what is required by legislation and continuously invests in new technologies and innovation. That, combined with a strong awareness and commitment on the part of employees and partner companies, allows ArcelorMittal Vega to keep excellent results in its Environmental Management.

  • Water Management

    Conscious management of water use is one of the pillars of the work developed by ArcelorMittal Vega’s Environmental area. Since its implementation, the company has doubled its production capacity without increasing water consumption, by investing in high-tech water treatment equipment, thus ensuring that the recirculation and reuse rate is kept at around 98%.

    One of the highlights is the Effluent Treatment Station, where physical-chemical, biological and Ultraviolet disinfection treatments of the effluent are performed, with no chemical waste generation.

    Furthermore, in order to assess the effectiveness of the treatment performed, the company carries an out ecotoxicological monitoring of its treated effluents, both at the station and around the marine outfall diffuser, at Praia Grande. Such monitoring uses living elements such as shellfish, algae and bacteria, which serve as bioindicators.

  • Waste Management

    All waste generated at the unit, whether resulting from the production process or not, is managed from generation to final disposal. In addition to complying with current environmental legislation, this practice allows a more noble destination to waste, guiding the company's actions to reduce generation, recycle, recover and co-process.

    By using this policy to value waste, which includes constant mapping and evaluation of its processes, the unit is able to reuse almost all of its waste, sending a minimum amount to landfills or industrial landfills.

  • Air Management

    For ArcelorMittal Vega, the monitoring of chimney emissions is a way to evaluate the efficiency of our equipment and processes, as well as the environmental performance itself. In addition to monitoring the chimney emissions, the emissions of all diesel vehicles, either own or third-party vehicles, that circulate in the plant are also monitored.

    Air quality is another important aspect monitored by the company, as it impacts both the life of the local community and the existing biodiversity. Thus, the company has two monitoring units, strategically distributed in the plant, where the following parameters are monitored: particulate material, SO2 e NO2.

  • Biodiversity

    By monitoring biodiversity, ArcelorMittal Vega reviews the development of various animal and plant species in its surroundings, either typical or not of the Atlantic Forest. The goal is to assess the impact of human activities on the natural environment and minimize it, thus harmonizing the relationship between man and nature.