Information: the best protection against frauds

ArcelorMittal Brazil makes continuous investments to identify and eliminate fraud attempts against its customers. Thus, clear and objective information is always the best protection.

The most common fraud involving our company’s name is the sending of fake bank slips. To perform the scam, the fraudster registers fake phone numbers on advertising or internet search websites. The customer, when searching for a phone number to contact the company, can be directed to call one of these fake numbers and will be instructed to pay the counterfeit bank slip.

What to do to prevent such fraud? When receiving a bank slip from ArcelorMittal Brazil, contact the seller who serves your company. Only the seller can confirm the veracity of a bank slip.

Another security tip: whenever you want to contact any department of ArcelorMittal Brazil, call the toll-free number 0800 015 1221 or look for the phone number on our website: or

Never trust phone numbers reported on other websites.