Health Management

ArcelorMittal Tubarão actively promotes health actions for employees and other stakeholders. The key point is employee awareness, in a way that they can manage their health themselves and bring the culture of prevention to their families and communities, positively influencing the environment where they live.

Actions dedicated to Occupational Health and legal care are constant and a priority focus in the company, always in line with Workplace Safety actions, seeking to monitor, eliminate and control risks, and monitor and manage health indicators.

The company also stands out for performing pioneering actions to promote quality of life and for its commitment to the generations to come.

An example is ArcelorMittal's policy for quality of life, which aims to inspire, encourage and energize those around us, promoting interpersonal relationships that are solid and committed to human values. It also fosters corporate responsibility by expanding participation in alliances with governments, communities and third sector institutions in order to improve the society in which we operate.

The policy expresses the encouragement to quality of life and guides the actions that influence the individual's life, both inside and outside work, systematically involving the company, partners and communities, thus contributing to a sustainable environment.

The following illustration highlights the programs and actions developed by ArcelorMittal Tubarão in line with the dimensions that can influence one’s quality of life. This is how we take care of our greatest asset: people.

Guidance for financial management.

  • PCMSO – Medical Control Program for Occupational Health
  • Medical Absenteeism Management
  • Labour Ergonomics and Gymnastics.

Raising awareness of health- and quality of life- related topics by holding meetings, workshops, lectures, corporate health events and periodic educational institutional campaigns involving family members and stakeholders.

  • Special medical monitoring of employees with changes in health results (GAME) by providing personalized medical and nutritional assistance.
  • Immunization program.
  • Internal physical therapy assistance.
  • Medical assistance and emergency care.
  • PDI – Individual Daily Readiness.
  • Previous exams to authorize the work at height.
  • Mental health program.
  • Program to prevent the misuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Mental health program.
  • Program to prevent the misuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Prevention and protection actions against insect-transmitted diseases.
  • Blood donation campaign and registration of potential bone marrow donors.
  • Breastfeeding support room for employees.
  • Individualized social services.
  • Preventive social programs.