ArcelorMittal Brazil's environmental management is mainly based on its 10 Sustainable Development Outcomes, which are interpreted and deployed from the perspective of the Environmental Management System requirements, established in accordance with the standard ABNT NBR ISO 14001.

Thus, the significant aspects and impacts inherent to the production activities are properly mitigated and controlled. In order to assess the effectiveness of such controls, periodic monitoring is carried out to ensure the efficiency of the controls and full compliance with legislative requirements.

ArcelorMittal Brazil is aware that the society’s knowledge and demands evolve and, therefore, the company keeps open communication channels to understand major demands. Continuous improvement is achieved through environmental investments and improved process management.

Environmental management actions are not restricted to its operations. The company conducts audits at its key suppliers in order to ensure that the inputs used have been produced in compliance with environmental and social criteria in force. Certain that a sustainable steel can only be produced with the support of its supply chain, the company carries out supplier development projects at its industrial units.

The company also seeks to partner with its customers to examine how its products can be used in the most appropriate way. In integration with the Group's R&D, ArcelorMittal Brazil invests to offer the market increasingly environmentally friendly steels that accelerate sustainable lifestyles and infrastructure.