Culture of Integrity

Established in 2007, the Integrity Program of the ArcelorMittal Group is based on the best international practices and applicable to all companies in the Group. It aims to systematize actions dedicated to encourage a global ethical corporate culture to meet the expectations of the new social dynamics.

Its guideline is to keep the organization fully aligned with the best governance and compliance practices while using its leadership and presence in more than sixty countries to promote ethical, fair and equal behaviour, both inside and outside the company.

A evolução deste Programa é concretizada no engajamento de toda a alta administração na disseminação da Cultura de Integridade junto aos públicos interno e externo. Essa cultura é apoiada em três pilares:

1st Pillar

Honesty and transparency: in every gesture, action and word, we comply with legislation, standards and ethics rules. We do not use shortcuts, nor do we improvise. Our indicators, communications and reports are clear, objective and aligned with compliance at all levels.

2nd Pillar

Respect and dignity: we seek innovation to always do the best for people and communities. Our work values the respect and dignity of human beings, environment and heritage. Our stakeholder relations focus on the long term, we respect contracts and confidentiality.

3rd Pillar

Exemplarity: individual action is always an example for collective action. The ArcelorMittal Group leads by example, as well as each of its employees. The transparent and objective communication of our values and commitments will promote positive influence in all corporate environments and in our relationships, leading to recognition.

The Integrity Program has several policies and procedures; by being periodically revised, they increasingly evolve and become clearer and more comprehensive, representing a success factor for the organization. As examples:

  • (I) Code of Conduct, establishes mandatory general guidelines to comply with laws and expected behaviours. The Group has an automated system to manage conflict of interests, through which the employees who are target audience make their annual declaration and respective recommendations are inserted, in case any actual or potential conflict is declared. As for business partners, during the anti-corruption audit procedure, they are asked to inform, if applicable, any conflict of interest, which is also assessed;
  • (II) Anti-corruption Policy, determines guidelines to handle with corruption related issues, aiming to ensure that, while conducting business, the employees of the ArcelorMittal Group and/or any third parties acting on its behalf observe the highest standards of integrity desired by the Group;
  • (III) Human Rights Policy, establishes essential principles to keep an environment where human rights are respected, in terms of health and safety, labour and local communities;
  • (IV) Guidelines for Compliance with Competition Laws, establish rules to prevent the practice of any conduct that violates, or may seem to violate, the fundamental laws and principles of competition. They also establish precautions and clear measures to be observed by employees when contacting competitors, carrying out benchmarking, participating in class entities, among other situations;
  • (V) Anti-fraud Policy, reinforces the commitment to honest behavior and zero tolerance to the practice and concealment of frauds or illegal acts. In addition, the Group has an internal assurance and forensic investigation team, which has free and unrestricted access to all data and facilities of the ArcelorMittal Group, treating as confidential any information received;
  • (VI) Personal Data Protection Procedure, establishes uniform, adequate and global standards to protect the personal information of employees, customers and suppliers who relate to entities of the ArcelorMittal Group;
  • (VII) Whistleblowing Policy, establishes guidelines to identify any material problem related to irregularities in accounting, auditing, financial and bribery issues, or any violation of the Program and applicable law.

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Whistleblowing Channel

The creation of the Whistleblowing Channel outstands among the tools used to strengthen the Culture of Integrity. Through this mechanism, anyone can anonymously report non-compliance situations they are aware of. The claims received are evaluated and investigated, with a guarantee of confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers against possible retaliation.

The purpose of this mechanism is to ensure the continuous improvement of the Integrity Program, to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and to avoid new events. ArcelorMittal Brazil regularly carries out internal campaigns to encourage the participation of all and favour the conduction of complaints.

Whistleblowing Channels:

  • Telephone: 0800-891-4311
  • Internet:
  • Mail: Auditoria Interna - Serviços Forenses (Internal Assurance – Forensic Services) – Avenida Carandaí, nº 1115, 17º andar – Funcionários – CEP: 30.130-915 – Belo Horizonte/MG.