Safety Management

In line with its Health and Safety Policy, ArcelorMittal Tubarão considers the protection of one’s dignity and valorisation of life as crucial and non-negotiable issues.

Considering the individual as the most precious asset in the organization, the Safety Management makes every effort to promote and safeguard the well-being of its own employees and contractors, providing safe, healthy, organized and productive work environments.

The investments take into consideration that Health and Safety not only depend on preventive attitudes, but also on the construction of a culture that values life. Therefore, the Safety Management seeks to strengthen concepts such as taking care of oneself and others, and allowing to be taken care of, always respecting individualities and not compromising the collective good.

In addition to using the best health and safety management tools available and providing all the necessary training for a safe performance, the unit provides employees with behavioural programs, incentive for protagonism and self-development. Thus, the company seeks to develop employees' awareness of risks and encourages them to actively take part in improvements, seek new knowledge and share experiences, recognizing those who are examples of proactive attitudes in terms of health and safety.