Sustainability is the basis for business management at ArcelorMittal Brazil.

That is translated into respect for integrity and good governance, rational use of resources, development of innovative products and services, control of environmental impacts and responsible relationships with employees, suppliers, communities, customers and other stakeholders.

The Integrated Platform for Reputation and Sustainability Management guides ArcelorMittal Brazil towards its vision. The company's reputation, based on the concepts of trust, admiration, esteem and empathy, proves to be one of the most important intangible assets and needs to be cultivated, preserved and guaranteed for the perennity of the organization.

At the bottom of the Platform, we find the company's key stakeholders, the reason for its existence, and to whom the relationship and communication efforts and initiatives should be directed.

The rational attributes, represented by the ArcelorMittal Group’s 10 Sustainable Development Outcomes, are the central part of platform. They are underpinned by an inspiring leadership, outstanding performance, and a sound culture of integrity that must permeate the daily performance of all employees in the organization, regardless of their hierarchical position.

The 10 Outcomes are prerequisites for building a sound reputation and achieving our vision, which is at the top of the Platform.

Integrated Reputation and Sustainability Platform - ArcelorMittal