Safe, healthy, quality working lives for our people

We want everyone at ArcelorMittal to be safe and healthy, committed to our success and to be able to work with integrity.

Why is this important to us?

The protection of human dignity is perhaps the most important social issue for the 21st century, and crucial to the relationships between different nations, and between employers and employees. Despite international recognition of labour and safety standards, accidents, discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace persist. Gender inequality is considered a major barrier to sustainable development and there is an increasing focus on human rights, including in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Employers wanting to attract, develop and retain the brightest talent have to address these issues, and to create a positive working culture that respects them.

Our challenge

Our challenge

Employing nearly 200,000 people across the world means we carry enormous responsibilities. We must and wish to make every effort to eliminate accidents and avoid violating our code of conduct. We also work to have a diverse and inclusive workforce that will help us attract from the widest talent pool and encourage commercial innovation.

Our action

Our action

Safety is our number one priority. To produce steel and extract minerals without either fatalities or injuries, we follow strict rules, we invest in training and we make good use of monitoring tools and practices. We are building an inclusive culture that will help us create wellbeing, engagement and integrity in a workplace where diversity is valued and every individual is respected and can have a full development.

Our potential to create value

Our potential to create value

It is in everyone’s interest to have a workplace completely free of any safety incidents. It leads to people who are content in their work, and in turn, it is reflected in the company's reputation and business performance. We value equality and inclusion, certain that diversity will make us increasingly creative.

Our stakeholders’ expectations

Investors, unions, local communities and other influential stakeholders expect to see comprehensive policies and actions covering human rights, equality, diversity and behaviour in the workplace.

The result we need

Our workforce is safe and healthy, committed to our success, and operates with integrity. Diversity is valued and every individual is respected and their potential developed.

Achieving the outcome

Our efforts cover a number of aspects of how our employees behave and experience the workplace. We have been working on all of these since the company’s inception, and whilst our company is decentralized in its management approach, we have developed certain policies and programmes to improve the working lives of our people at corporate level. In general, this outcome covers the following issues: safety, health, employee relations and employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and employee development.